Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Finding consolation in an accidental death.

Friends and family facing the loss of loved ones in automobile collisions, medical malpractice errors, defective product malfunctions, or workplace disasters are often at a loss for how to put their lives back together. Such losses are nearly inconsolable. This video shows a man who lost his wife and son in an automobile accident several years ago. A priest, now known to us as St. Josemaría, wished to help him with some consoling words. Faced with such pain, St. Josemaría would ask God, “Why”? (Video 0:1:48).


  1. In those situation, compensation is not enough for those who are left. Emotions and memories are hard to forget.


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  2. Death benefits in workers' comp do not do the situation justice. However, there is little other option in the vast majority of cases.

  3. What is the difference between accidental death insurance and regular life insurance? Which is a better buy? Wouldn't all deaths (excluding illnesses) be accident? If you only buy life insurance and don't include accidental death insurance then what is usually excluded? Thanks!!!
    (I know its different for every insurance company, I am just wondering what generally the outcomes would be)
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  4. Finding consolation in an accidental death is not the easy task today.You have to a provisional lawyer for that so he gives u write moves and make easy things for finding your claims..
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